Everything You Wanted To Know About Cocktail Bitters (and maybe more..

What are Cocktail Bitters?

What are Cocktail Bitters?

In this NVBlog post, we delve into one of the top 3 FAQs about Cocktail Bitters - "What are bitters?" Our exploration of this question is multifaceted, considering it from 4 essential angles:

  1. The Craft Cocktail Bitters Artist's Perspective: We examine the essence of bitters from the standpoint of the skilled craft cocktail bitters artist, providing insight into the artistry behind this essential element.

  2. The Professionals' Point of View: We recognize the vital insights of the professionals who incorporate bitters into their daily cocktail creations. Their experience sheds light on the practical and creative dimensions of using bitters.

  3. The Historical Context: We trace the journey of bitters from their original intended use to their contemporary revival. This historical perspective illuminates the resurgence of bitters' popularity, a phenomenon embraced by both professional bartenders and home mixologists in the realm of modern craft cocktail making.

  4. How the popularity non-alcoholic Spirits & Cocktails have changed the Cocktail Bitters landscape. 

This comprehensive exploration offers a well-rounded understanding of the role and significance of Cocktail Bitters, catering to the curiosity of both novices and aficionados in the world of mixology.

The Best Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

The Best Old Fashioned Cocktail - Classic Recipe - Napa Valley Bitters

The Best and Classic Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

In the late 1800s, the Classic Old Fashioned Cocktail took its first steps in Bourbon heartland, the Pendennis Club of Louisville, Kentucky. Fast forward to today, and it's become a diverse family of cocktails, with countless interpretations and innovative methods. Craft bars often showcase their unique versions, while the Classic Old Fashioned patiently awaits connoisseurs. It's a testament to the cocktail's timeless appeal and mixology's boundless creativity. Cheers to tradition and innovation! Recipe Follows. 

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