About NVB


The Napa Valley Bitters Story
Who do you think you are Mr.?

Napa Valley Bitters Co. was founded by Ian Winget with community and conscious capitalism as it's foundation.

The origins of Napa Valley Bitters Co. - We are boutique bitters company created from the idea that small businesses can be cause in the matter of making a difference their respective community. Initially, we were funded by our Kickstarter campaign in 2013.

After having participated in the Landmark Forum and the Landmark Curriculum for Living I chose to leave my career in the Napa (sparkling) wine industry and work as a cocktail consultant, make bitters and do contract marketing for small companies. In 2013 I began working as a permanent contractor for Napa Valley Distillery located in the city of Napa. I have taught English as a foreign language in many countries and my wife and I plan to return to her native country of Mexico and build a charitable Distillery, Brew Pub that supports our community where the government has yet to assist.

I am educated as an Anthropologist, and have a Masters of International Business from Bond University in Queensland, Australia. Traveling is more than a passion, it’s an obsession; and I have called Australia, France, Germany, Spain and Mexico home for seven years. I’ve also taught English as a foreign language, cooked in France, and consulted with Google.