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The Sazerac: A Spirited History and Flavorful Evolution

Blog Image Sazerac cocktail has a fascinating journey that spans centuries and continents

Sazerac: A Spirited History and Flavorful Evolution

The captivating history of the Sazerac cocktail spans centuries and continents. It began with French Cognac, particularly Sazerac de Forge et Fils Cognac, but has since transformed into the classic version we know today, featuring rye whiskey. Key to its creation was Antoine Amédée Peychaud, a pharmacist from Haiti, who initially marketed his Peychaud's Bitters for medicinal purposes. Over time, the Sazerac transcended its curative origins, becoming a beloved cocktail. The late 19th century saw the transition from Cognac to rye whiskey as the preferred base spirit. The choice between Herbsaint and Absinthe adds a delightful twist to the Sazerac's fascinating journey.

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