Hibiscus Rose Bitters
Hibiscus Rose Bitters

Hibiscus Rose Bitters

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Rich hibiscus and rose bitters are perfect are made with real dried hibiscus and rose flowers, cloves, and a plethora of other aromatics to enhance and round out these powerful yet elegant flavors.

Light and bright with a mulled baking spice finish! inspired by many trips to Mexico, the hibiscus flower has stolen my heart and I'm kinda glad. It's an intoxicating and exotic flavor that surprises as much as it delights.

A flavor sensation like no other - sweet and floral, with a hint of mulled spice. It's a tropical experience rendered into a bottle, allowing you to have a little bit of sunshine in your glass any time! Add a few drops to your cocktail for an exotic twist - just a splash provides a range of flavors, from bright to baking spice.

Perfect for experimenting, they enhance Tequila, Gin, Rum, and Vodka drinks.

Be sure to try it with dark spirits for an unforgettable taste. 🥃😋👌




Hand Crafted in Napa, CA.

🥜 Produced in a facility that processes tree nuts
⚡️ cross contamination is possible ⚡️