Fleur De Sel Tincture
Fleur De Sel Tincture
Fleur De Sel Tincture

Fleur De Sel Tincture

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The addition of salt to cuisine makes it sing. Add a little salt to your coffee when it's brewing? Yes, it smooths out the rough edged and softens the mouth-feel.

Why doesn't this work with cocktails? Wait! It does. 


What folks are sayin’ :

🗣 "I did not know I needed this tincture until I had it. It is amazing-ESPECIALLY in lighter spirits. It brings a nice salt flavor without overwhelming the spirits or cocktails/mocktails we have. Try this is cucumber sparkling water!"

- shortbeads 👩

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That was the revolutionary thinking behind this simple cocktail ingredient - Get salt into a cocktail to soften and round out the edges and make the flavors of your next cocktail sing! 

We use 100% "Fleur de Sel" which translates as "Flower of Salt". The flavor is marvelous in comparison to other salts. Unlike processed salts, Fleur de Sel is a natural source of potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper and iodine. The taste is a delicate balance of the numerous salts, minerals, and micronutrients—this is truly the finest salt available.

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Hand Crafted in Napa, CA.
🥜 Produced in a facility that processes tree nuts 
  ⚡️ cross contamination is possible ⚡️