Coffee Pecan Bitters
Coffee Pecan Bitters

Coffee Pecan Bitters

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This flavor of bitters is fueled by Bourbon, loads of hand toasted pecans, and heaps of locally roasted coffee. 

We use a ton of Napa Valley Coffee Roasting coffee - 'Napa Valley Bitters Blend', hand-crushed and toasted pecans, raw cacao nibs and cinnamon in this bitters.

They are very potent and pack a wallop that can be smelt on the other side of the bar. Fear not, however, as they are also very balanced and elegant. 

Stellar in Dark Rum, Bourbon and Rye drinks. 

Great in deserts - add a teaspoon in homemade whipped cream, or bananas foster, or as an addition to a steak marinade. Trust us!