Cardamom Bitters
Cardamom Bitters
Cardamom Bitters
Cardamom Bitters
Cardamom Bitters
Cardamom Bitters - label - Napa Valley Bitters

Cardamom Bitters

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Go ahead, get spiced! Created by a Popular Demand, now Back by Popular Demand! Our customers have spoken... 

Cardamom - that mysterious yet familarly-spicy flavor - takes center stage in most "Aromatic Bitters"! 💫🌶️🤩 Get ready to explore new flavorful depths with these cocktail bitters, where the 🔥 heat of Cardamom 🌶️ takes the lead. 🏆

Warm, woodsy, heady, opulent, floral, and perfumed - our Cardamom Bitters boasts a rich and true Cardamom spice flavor skillfully framed and supported by sarsaparilla, coriander, lemon, clove, and allspice. 

Bold, floral, spiced, Green Cardamom Bitters.

Highly prevalent in Indian and Middle Easter Cuisine, green cardamom adds a totally unique warm baking spice flavor to all your libations.

Perfect in any cocktail recipe calling for Aromatic or Cardamom Bitters. 

Sasses up any libation, but you most def try with Bourbon & Gin drinks! 



Hand Crafted in Napa, CA.

🥜 Produced in a facility that processes tree nuts 
 ⚡️ cross contamination is possible ⚡️