Whiskey Lovers Set - 15% OFF - Cocktail Bitters Gift Set

Whiskey Lovers Set - 15% OFF - Cocktail Bitters Gift Set

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Calling all whiskey enthusiasts! 🥃 Raise your glasses to the Whiskey Lovers Bitters Set, your ticket to a flavor-packed journey through the world of whiskey, bourbon, and rye cocktails!

Our delightful trio of handcrafted bitters is tailor-made to enhance your favorite brown spirits. Whether you're a seasoned whiskey aficionado or just dipping your toes into the world of fine spirits, these bitters will take your taste buds on a thrilling rollercoaster ride.

✨ 🖤 Black Walnut Bitters*: Patience is a virtue, and after 18 months of crafting, these bitters are bold, beautiful, and ready to elevate your mixology game to superstar levels. Add depth, character, and intrigue to your libations.

✨ 🥃 🤠 Wild West Whiskey Bitters: are bold, tough, dry, and dusty enough to start a bout of fisticuffs 🤜 💥 🤛 at the local saloon, yet elegant enough to bring home to your mamma. 

✨ 🍒 🪵 Cherry Bark Vanilla Bitters: Vanilla's sultry dance with cherries creates a seductive flavor profile that's impossible to resist. It's like the dessert course in your whiskey journey.

Elevate your whiskey game, impress your friends, and become the cocktail maestro you were born to be with the Whiskey Lovers Bitters Set. Get ready for a sip of pure liquid pleasure. Cheers to the sweet, smoky, and sophisticated world of whiskey! 🥃🎉



Hand Crafted in Napa, CA.

 🥜 Produced in a facility that processes tree nuts  🥜
⚡️cross contamination is possible⚡️
*contains tree nuts